Leading Financial Software Company “Mint” interviews Elaine King

Elaine King

To help families prevent these mistakes she employs her 4 step process of planning, saving, investing, and sharing.  fuentes said, “we work around the qualitative aspects of money first by helping them understand what motivates them…We also work on a 6-month program to transform the 4 strategies into a habit.”  She emphasized the significance of sharing this process with a family member.  Fuentes was also asked how she is able to incorporate the entire family into the services. “We work with parents and children 10 and over and do exercises together around the four strategies. We plan together for things they all want, like something in the house or an experience as a family. For younger children, we have a program just for them” she replied.

Elaine also shared  how much families can benefit from participating in the process.  “By understanding what motivates you, how you behave in different circumstances and being aware of the core basic planning strategies you invest in growing as an individual, the better understanding and the more contribution you can make towards financial sustainability.”

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