Strengthen Your Finances in 5 Steps

Elaine King

Take advantage that there is still time to continue improving your financial health, here I share five ideas so that you too can start the year on a positive note:

1. Invest in Your Financial Independence:

Invested in passive income generating assets.  These are the ones that can give you a monthly return or interest in the form of a dividend. It can be a company that you have with the family or an investment portfolio that helps you complement your monthly and annual needs.

2. Save on Your Family's Education: 

Regardless of the age of the relatives who live with you, it can be your husband, wife, parents, children or yourself, you should always have an education fund to improve your capacity for personal and professional impact.

3.Decrease Your High Interest Debt:

The financial institutions that have your loans many times will not insist that you pay more than the monthly payment. You are responsible for making a higher or extra payment before the end of the year to stop paying so many high-interest rates.

4. Reduce House Expenses by Helping the Environment: 

Change the lights of your house for those who save energy, check the water pipes, consider changing your tires, do a car maintenance, everything that involves prevention and that can reduce headaches throughout the year.

5. Contribute to Your Emergency Fund: 

When receiving a bonus or extra income, it is very tempting to buy things that you do not need but that make you feel good temporarily, it is advisable to have between 6 to 9 months of your fixed expenses saved to cover any inconvenience, such as an accident, a disease, lack of work, etc.

Elaine King is a bilingual financial planner who specializes in personal finances and family planning. Follow her on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube.

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