Are your finances ready for 2016?

Elaine King

Take the simple test you can find at the end of the page to see if your finances are prepared for the year 2016.


You didn't so well, huh?

Don't worry! Follow these tips to make sure you get back on the right track:

Educate yourself: the first tip to ensure that you make your financial goals a reality is to educate yourself and learn how to achieve those goals, learn what's important and how you should manage your finances. Reading this article is the first step, congratulations! You can find more useful steps here.

Make a budget: budgets are never fixed, they change during the year. The goal is to make them as stable as possible. In addition to creating a budget, the important thing is staying within it and reviewing it on a monthly basis to make any necessary adjustments. Don't know how to create a budget? Use this

Pay off your debts: if you have debts, this tip should be the first thing on your mind. It's very difficult to have a healthy financial life if you have debts and you should avoid falling into further debt. Remember that paying off debts with debts is like trying to put out a fire with sand, it still burns those who touch it. Use this debt calculator

Keep a record of your earnings and expenses: try to register at least the majority of your earnings and expenses in one year. Being clear about your finances makes the other tips simple and planning becomes more smooth and safe! There are many apps that can help you control your expenses, check them out here.

Invest: in addition to saving, try to invest if it's possible. Investing is the best way to increase your savings. Don't know how? Check out this helpful article.

With these tips, the hill towards your financial goals will become less steep. Do you have any other tips? Tell me about them! Also make sure to share these tips with your family and friends and hear their impressions about what you should do to achieve your financial goals.

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