Elaine King,CFP® is founder of Family and Money Matters™, with the mission of empowering the family's financia[ and human capital to achieve financia[ wellbeing. She has served as the Family's Financia[ Planner for over 1,200 families and 100 multigenerational family enterprises crafting actionable family financia[ plans.

Elaine is a Financia[ Education advocate, creator of the first family financia[ program in LATAM and winner of the Best Latin book award. She was recognized in 2020 in the list of lnvestopedia 's Top lnfluential Advisor and in 2017 recognized by People Magazine's Top 25 lnfluential Hispanic Women. Elaine has been featured in the WSJ, Forbes, Telemundo, CNN and is a columnist for financialjournals in the US and LATAM.

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