Discover the best financial lessons that 5 financial experts learned from their fathers

Elaine King

Who we are, how we behave, what we like and what we don't is influenced by many things. Our parents are one of the things that influence us the most. These are the best financial lessons that 5 financial experts learned from their fathers: 1. Gerald Olson is a professor at the Villanova School of Business. His father was a laborer who had to work more hours to earn more money. Therefore, he worked 14 to 16 hours a day, seven days a week. He taught him that you're a free man when you can pay your bills. 2. David Richmond is the founder of Richmond Brothers. His father taught him that there are two ways to make money: working and making your money work for you. You have to use both always and invest constantly. 3. Jim Scheinberg is a part of the North Pier Fiduciary Management company. His father taught him that saving money is just as important as paying the telephone bill. Saving money has always been important in his family. 4. Arlynn Bitter Peavey, a certified accountant, says that her dad taught her to pay her debts without deceiving people. Never trying to wiggle his way out of his responsibilities, her dad told her, “I rather owe you than deceive you.” 5. And my dad (Elaine King) taught me how to live properly, spending just what's needed. You musn't live with more than what you have or make. This has saved me from having debts and problems. What lessons have you learned from your dad? I want to know! Visit my Facebook and Twitter profiles and share everything that those great men have taught us. Happy Father's Day!


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