Elaine King and Leading Companies and Organizations Work Together to Positively Impact the US Hispanic Community

Elaine King

In these trying times, everyone is looking for sound financial advice especially if you are far away from your place of origin. Family businesses especially need guidance on how to grow and involve the next generation in plans for the future. As an expert in these topics, Elaine King, CFP® and certified Family Business Advisor, has been called upon to help give direction in these areas.

Intuit, a major financial software and Fortune 500 company, recently featured a column written by King. In the article, the financial planning professional explored how budgeting money for basic needs, wants, and savings can be compared to a diet. In addition to serving individuals hoping to improve their personal finances, King addressed small business owners with additional tips. For example, the financial planner recommends that small businesses put a percentage of each payment into a tax account to prepare for tax season. 

The Family Business Network, the world’s leading organization of business families, also partnered with King to develop workshops targeted to their Rising Generation in response of the rising demand . The bestselling author and financial planner led a group of young people through a webinar called “Teens and Money.” In the webinar, the bilingual Financial Education advocate walked teens through financial literacy topics including attitudes toward money, saving, spending, giving, and investing. In a follow-up webinar called “Teens and Investing”, King partnered with Jennifer Muntz to offer teens a vital, interactive session focused on learning the basics of investing. 

Additionally, the XY Planning Network, a prestigious network of financial advisors, asked King to present a webinar on the 10 Commandments of the Family Enterprise at their highly sought after annual XYPN Live conference. In this event, King shared expertise from her 20 years of experience working with thousands of families and family businesses.
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