Elaine King, Latina Expert in Finances, Featured in Hispanic Media Leaders Telemundo and Univisión and American Press Outlets Business Insider and CFP.org

Rachel Peachey

Elaine King, financial planner and expert in personal finances, has recently made various press appearances. A highly solicited expert in finances, Elaine was featured in publications such as Business Insider, the Certified Financial Planner blog, Rally Health, and several appearances on leading Spanish language TV programs, Al Rojo Vivo and Él Gordo y la Flaca.

In particular, King, award-winning author of 6 books, wrote two articles for Business Insider. One focused on common mistakes in estate-planning such as failing to fund a trust, not updating beneficiaries, not listing guardians for minors, and not communicating about the plan ahead of time. The second article written by award-winning author, Elaine King, focused on tips for managing your 401(k). King warns that, even in tough times, people should do everything possible to avoid touching the money in this account. Although values may drop, over time, they will recover. The bottom line is if you won’t be using the money in the next 24 months, don’t touch it.

On the Certified Financial Planner blog, King was featured in an article about learning from the past. The article titled What I Wish I Knew At the Start of My Career: Insights from Successful Women CFP professionals, features King’s unique perspective as a female financial planner. She says that women provide a different perspective, which makes them an asset.

Elaine King, the founder of Family and Money Matters, was also featured in an article published on Rally Health titled How to Reset After a Financial Setback. King’s advice for people in this situation is to find a budgeting system that works for them. Whether it’s an app, excel sheet, or something else, finding a method that works is key.

Finally, King was viewed by millions of viewers when she made several TV appearances as a leading hispanic financial expert on Telemundo and Univision, the leading channels in the Hispanic community. On Al Rojo Vivo, one of the leading news programs for the Spanish speaking population, she commented on the Coronavirus stimulus checks, help for small businesses, as well as job opportunities during the pandemic. King was also featured as a financial planning expert on ENTV Contigo where she discussed how to earn money during the pandemic. Finally, King appeared on El Gordo y la Flaca to explain who is benefiting from the coronavirus crisis.

Elaine King is a financial planner available for TV interviews and as a source for articles. Contact her for expert advice and insights on finances today!

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