Elaine King Gives Advice on Finances in the Coronavirus Pandemic

Rachel Peachey

Coronavirus has unleashed uncertainty in nearly every area of our lives. One of the most difficult areas for many people is finances. With jobs on the line and the stock market plunging, everyone could use a bit of financial advice from experts who know what to do in times of crisis. 

Elaine King, who has over 20 years of experiences working as a Certified Financial Planner, has been featured as an expert on various platforms to answer a range of questions about finances during these tumultuous times. 

In print, Elaine King penned an article about how to think about your personal finances, specifically your investments in the stock market, that was published on Business Insider. In addition, the money guru was featured in an article in People en Español about managing your money during this time. 

King also gave several interviews on some of the most popular TV shows for Spanish speakers and Latinos. The expert in personal finances explained the US government’s financial assistance plan for citizens on Al Rojo Vivo, a popular evening news broadcast. In this interview, King also explained the importance of playing the long game on the stock market once you have enough cash in hand to survive this crisis. In another interview on the same program, King explained in greater detail who will benefit from the government relief passage. Finally, in a third interview on Al Rojo Vivo, King gave practical advice about how to manage your finances during this crisis. She recommended reducing spending, using your rent deposit to cover rent, and checking for assistance programs, among other valuable advice. 

The bestselling author and expert in financial planning also made appearances on Telemundo’s Un Nuevo Dia. In two separate interviews, she explained how the global financial crisis is affecting countries around the globe. 

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