Elaine King Holds Webinars Focused on Family Businesses

Rachel Peachey

Elaine King, a financial expert and mediator specializing in multigenerational family businesses, showcased her knowledge about family business in recent webinars held throughout Latin America. In these webinars, King shared her extensive knowledge about how to engage the next generation in the family business. In addition, she guided participants through the process of creating a governance plan, which helps ensure the ongoing success of a business, even beyond the third generation. 

Among the organizations with which Elaine King has provided webinars most recently include the Family Business Association in Peru. King is also an advisor to this important association. Over 200 family businesses are members of this important association in the country of Peru. 

In addition, King accepted an invitation to hold a  webinar at one of Colombia’s top universities, Universidad de los Andes. The focus of this webinar was the finances of family businesses. In particular, Elaine King highlighted the need for family businesses to have plans in place for succession. When families have good succession plans in place, the road to long-term success is much easier. 

In June, Elaine King participated as a speaker on family finances with Mexico’s leading speaker platform, Speakers Mexico. King showed her expertise in the intricacies of family business finances

Finally, Elaine King also held a webinar at the top Mexican university specializing in family businesses, the University of Monterrey. The focus of this talk was how to reduce financial stress for families and businesses. Specifically, King addressed recent concerns about COVID-19 and how it’s impacting family businesses.

Would you like Elaine King to provide a family business focused webinar for your organization or university? Contact her to organize the details today!

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