Elaine King Tours Perú and Makes Media Appearances

Rachel Peachey

Elaine King appeared as a guest expert in family finances on Panamericana TV where she was interviewed by presenter Adriana Quevedo Sanchez on the program Combinado.

During the interview, Elaine shared tips from her book Parejas Felices, Cuentas en Orden. Finances can be a volatile topic for couples. When couples hide expenses or commit financial infidelity, it can even result in divorce!  However, if couples talk proactively about their joint finances, all sorts of problems can be avoided. Elaine King has worked with over 1200 families, helping them achieve healthy finances and reach their goals. She shares many best practices and strategies in her books. Get your copy of Parejas Felices, Cuentas en Orden today! To get all the tips, watch the full interview below, or find it on Youtube.

Elaine King, the founder of Family and Money Matters Institute, also appeared on an RPP Noticias radio program, where she was interviewed by journalist Mauricio Fernandini. During the segment, King, author of six books, highlighted strategies from her book Los Colores de Tu Dinero

The book guides individuals and families through seven steps to achieve financial independence. In addition, King, Certified Financial Planner, explains how to set and reach financial goals effectively. King shared key steps and strategies from the book in the interview. Finally, King argued that we should “start thinking of money as something positive,” referring to money’s power as a force for change in the world. 

If you’re ready to achieve your financial goals, get your copy of Los Colores de Tu Dinero now!

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Watch the full interview on Combinado!

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