Elaine King, Latina Financial Expert, Launches New Book for Family Enterprises

Rachel Peachey

Did you know that Elaine King has helped over 100 family businesses achieve success in their finances, and in passing on family values? The bilingual financial planner, who also has an MBA in International Business, believes that passing values on to the next generation is more important than passing down money. Yet, she admits that if you can manage to pass on both things, you’ll create something powerful for your family and society. 


These, and others, are some of the lessons that Elaine King offers family businesses in her brand new book, 10 Mandamientos de las Familias Empresarias. Endorsed by leading family business founders, Ines Temple and Rolando Arellano, you won’t want to miss this book! According to Temple, bestselling author of Usted, S.A., “The book is useful, practical, easy to read, and comes from the heart.”

Published by the leading Spanish language publisher, Grupo Planeta, the book is ideal for any family business looking to achieve both business and familial success. The book officially launched at an event at Planeta de Libros. It is available for purchase here

In a recent column in the prestigious Peruvian financial newspaper, Gestión, Elaine King shared other gems of wisdom for family businesses. Specifically, she explored the importance of women in family businesses. While in the past, women were often overlooked for leadership positions, King asserts that women have a lot to offer to the family business. However, involving women in the family business takes a concerted effort. Social norms must be set to the side. In addition, you should consider your daughter’s gifts and interests and find ways for her to use them either in or outside the family business. 

Want Elaine King to help you and your family business? Elaine King can help you with family governance, succession, creating a family foundation, and more! Contact her to discuss your needs today!

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