Elaine King Leads Panel About Including Women in the Boardroom

Rachel Peachey

A conference held by the Peru Family Business Association and PWC recently featured the leading family business and finances expert, Elaine King, as a moderator. The association is the premier organization working to train family businesses in the country.

The conference, titled How Do Businesses Benefit from Including Women on their Board of Directors? focused on how diverse perspectives drive innovation and creativity in family businesses. As a woman, King, has had plenty of opportunities to explore this theme. 

King moderated a panel titled “Understanding the Importance of Different Points of View”. During the session, she and the panelists, Rhit Rao of Eske Group, Jorge Posada, and Mariana Garland of Maquisistema explored the topic in depth. These panelists are members of multi generational family businesses and have a wealth of experience to offer. 

In answering questions, panelists told stories about the struggles they’ve encountered with diversity in the workplace.  In addition, they discussed what they appreciate about working in a diverse setting and advice they have for making the most of diversity on a board of directors. Among the recommendations were to tolerate and consider new ideas, be open, and to recognize the value that women add in the workplace. 

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