Elaine King Leads Workshop and Makes Media Appearances in Peru

Rachel Peachey

During a trip to Peru, Elaine King, expert in personal and family business finances, made several media appearances in which she offered invaluable tips and advice. 

In a fascinating interview on Mundo Empresarial, a popular nightly business show on the Peruvian channel “N”, Elaine King explained how she learned that financial health and harmony was more important than earnings for high income families. In a discussion with host Mario Giuffra, King, founder of the Family and Money Matters Institute, explained that money can destroy families or be a force for positive change. It all depends on how money is managed. Watch the full interview to learn more!


Also on her trip to Peru, Elaine King gave a workshop titled “Conquer Your Finances.” The experience was exclusively for women. In the workshop, Elaine explained the 7 steps women should take to improve their finances. The workshop also covered case studies of successful women and offered helpful tips for how women can manage personal and family finances effectively. 

Additionally, Elaine King was featured as an expert in personal and family finances in various articles in the prestigious Pervuian business newspaper Gestión. Specifically, the articles covered topics such as succession in a family business, couples finances, the importance of planning, tips for getting rich, and how to grow your savings account

The expert and bestselling author was also featured in another respected local newspaper, El Comercio, in an article about lowering financial stress during the back to school period.

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