Elaine King, the Latina Financial Expert, Featured in People en Español’s Poderosas Virtual Event and Appears on Telemundo

Rachel Peachey

People en Español recently hosted their annual 25 Mujeres Más Poderosas Summit which featured top Latina leaders such as Maria Elena Salinas, Adamari López, and Pamela Silva.  The event draws celebrities and professionals alike to a series of motivational and informative talks addressing everything from healthcare, to key strategies to improve your business, finances, fashion, and more! This year, Elaine King was featured as one of the most trusted Latina financial experts in the virtual event. As the leading Latina financial planner, she offered tips and strategies to help you reactivate your financial life and business.

Sharing the stage with Catherine Siachoque and Jennifer Gómez, King also discussed helpful habits for saving. In particular, you might try waiting 24 hours before making a purchase. In addition, she talked about how to view your finances as part of the legacy you received from your parents, and as a legacy you’ll leave to your own children as well. 

The Latina financial expert with a large presence in Latin America was also featured on one of the most-watched Spanish language channels on television, Telemundo. Given the unstable political and economic state of our current reality, King was asked to break down in simple terms how to best create an emergency fund for the 15 million viewers. 

During Telemundo’s financial expert segment, Elaine King’s creative strategies were also featured twice in recent months. The financial expert addressed: 

How To Save Even When You Don’t Like Saving 

Saving doesn’t always have to be a percentage of your income. Instead, you can try more creative strategies such as saving change from a purchase, spending less than you budget for, and more.

The Biggest Money Mistakes You Can Make With Money    

Finally, the bestselling author explained what you should never do with your money. Among the things you shouldn’t do include shopping as therapy, trying to impress others, and making investments that you don’t understand. Watch the video for more details!

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