Elaine King, Latina Expert in Family Finances, Empowers the Latin Community, Reaching Thousands of Families, Entrepreneurs, and Employees Through Leading Businesses Like American Express

Rachel Peachey

Elaine King, an experienced certified financial planner, leading financial expert in the Latin world and entrepreneur, has recently worked with organizations such as AMEX, APERHU (National Association of Human Resources, Peru), universities, and more, providing important webinars. These webinars focused on topics such as understanding clients’ financial personalities, personal finances, as well as family finances. Through her work, organizations strengthened their knowledge about finances in general, as well as how to best approach clients, and how to manage their personal finances. 

For example, in May, King worked with American Express to help the organization’s employees understand the client's financial personalities. The expert explained, “ We all have a financial personality. Whether we prefer spending, saving, investing, or giving, these tendencies will influence our financial behavior in significant ways. Understanding the thought processes behind these behaviors can help businesses understand their clients, which means they can serve them better.”

In addition, Elaine King also worked with APERHU, The National Association of Human Resources in Peru, on several occasions to provide a series of webinars. Also in Peru, King worked with the National Society of Industries, a key association to which most industries belong, to provide a webinar about financial intelligence.

Furthermore, King also worked with several organizations focusing on women and their role in finances and as business owners. For instance, she led webinars for Universidad del Pacífico (Pacific University) and WISTA on these topics.

Additionally, King reached an audience of thousands of children in several Facebook Live events in collaboration with national chains, Crisol bookstores and Metro grocery stores. For these events, King read her book Saltarín, which is a book that teaches children about the four important ways to manage and spend money. 

Finally, King wrote a column about how to create an emergency fund for Gestión, a leading newspaper in Peru. 

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