Having a healthy financial life is a matter of choice.

Elaine King

Do you dream about paying off your debts? Are you still longing to buy a house or start your own business? The first step to improvingyour financial situation involves making a decision. A good management of your finances is not about having savings of many millions or stratospheric salaries, but about following the proper steps to grow your money.

Many people believe that their money is never enough, but they haven’t devoted sufficient time to analyze their spending patterns and the ways in which they manage their income. The first tip that we offer is reviewing, with your family, those unnecessary expenses that can cause trouble. Do you eat out often? Do you forget to pay your credit cards on time, and are they generating interest? Decide together in what way you can improve and how you can make a commitment, according to your potentials, to avoid spending too much. Make a list of all the things that you consider as priority spending and try to stick to the list.

On the other hand, to make ends meet and grow your money, it is necessary to know your investment options.  The first important step is to make the decision to save. If you already started avoiding unnecessary expenses, you will have extra money to save and invest wisely. Visit financial advisors (you can find them in banks) and find out how you can invest your money so that it yields more.

The investment concept is difficult to understand if we think we must be millionaires to invest. Investing is not necessarily buying shares on the stock exchange. Home improvement, for example, is a smart investment, since it increases the house’s market value. Starting your own business or improving what you already have is another option, and even lending money to family members with a low interest rate. The important thing is to diversify your investments, which means that you have your money in several investment areas, which generate income in different ways.

As the title of this post says, the most important step is to make the decision. Making it as a family, not only improves your financial situation, but shows your children that changing spending habits can bring great benefits for all family members, and this will be a valuable lesson for their adult life. Children can get involved in many ways, from helping with family tasks that would otherwise require a payment (such as washing the car), to taking better care of their clothes, toys and school supplies to avoid overspending.

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