In order to have money and do great things, avoid small expenses.

Elaine King

Every day, perhaps without realizing it, you spend money on things you do not need. Small expenses like candy or coffee in a restaurant, add up to substantial amounts, which could be used for more important things if you make the decision to save.This is also known as "delayed gratification" and assumes that, if you refrain from certain momentary pleasures, you can achieve much more significant others.

Does it happen to you, that by the end the day you realize you have no money left in your wallet? And you think in surprise, on what did I spend it all? It is very likely that your money is spent in small petty amounts that ended up totaling pretty much more than you had planned. Here are a few tips you may find helpful if you are starting to practice saving and delayed gratification, and want it to become a habit.

1) Set an amount that you can spend every day and do not exceed it.

Preferably, avoid having in your wallet a higher amount because you might be tempted to spend it. No matter if you have an overwhelming desire for some cupcakes, or discover that your favorite store is on sale, if it is not in your daily budget -- do not buy it.

2) Always ask yourself if you really need what you are about to buy.

The fact that you have found something very cheap, does not mean you actually need it. If you are someone who takes advantage of every offer, it is likely that much of your money is going into unnecessary purchases.

3) Make a list of everything you buy during the day.

Often, we are not even aware of in what we spent the money. Making a detailed list of what you spent the money on, one day, can surprise you more than you know. Once you realize how much you can spend on unnecessary things, it will be easier to refrain from doing so.

4) Avoid being in places that motivate you to spend.

If you're trying to save for something important, and you find it very difficult, avoid all places intended to make you buy. Perhaps it’s not the best time to go with your friends to get some new shoes, and it’s probably worth trying eating at home instead of going to a restaurant. Small details

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