Is it possible to reach financial harmony in love?

Elaine King

When we enter into a relationship, everything seems rosy at first and the relationship seems to have an invisible shield. We believe that nothing can separate us from that beautiful creature that God placed in our lives.

But the truth is that a relationship takes a lot of hard work, understanding and love. The most successful couples are those who plan and foresee the things that can damage the relationship at some point. One of the big reasons why couples don't work out is because they fail to reach an agreement regarding money management. Have you had that talk with your partner yet? If your answer was “no,” you definitely should have it. Here's a checklist of what you should do to achieve financial harmony in love:

Gain an in-depth knowledge of your partner's financial habits: like many of the other variables that you should know well about another person before committing to them, you must know your partner's financial habits.
You must have the utmost clarity regarding financial matters: leases, expenses, household affairs. All these aspects should be clear, as well as your contribution to each of them.
Create a coexistence agreement in terms of finances and put it on paper: Yes, this sounds a little like Sheldon and Amy in the popular series “The Big Bang Theory”, but putting the financial rules in writing creates a feeling of greater responsibility since there is no margin of error.
Reach middle ground: most of the time, couples seem to be polar opposites regarding financial habits. If your partner saves money and you love spending it, learn how to save from them and perhaps they can learn to indulge once in a while from you. Meeting each other halfway is key. Remember to not underestimate any stance just because it's different.
Set up financial meetings: I recommend that you sit down and discuss if the rules are being effective once every two weeks. To reach financial harmony, you sometimes need to make a few changes along the way.

This checklist isn't infallible, each couple has their own dynamics. The important thing is good communication and reaching financial agreements that work for both of you. Remember that when there's love, there's understanding and communication. With these variables as your guide, you'll take the first step towards securing financial harmony.

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