King empowers high school students about finances at University of Miami workshop

Elaine King

For Financial Literacy Month in April, Breakthrough Miami, a non-profit empowering teenagers, invited international best selling author and financial expert Elaine King to give one of the most important workshops of the year. During Career Day 2015, hundreds of high school students gathered to learn about how to manage money.

To begin the workshop, Elaine posed the question to students, “do you know what a budget is?” A few students responded with answers like: “it is a way to limit your money;” “it is to buy your wants and not your needs;” and “it is for those that do not have money.” King explained that on the contrary, “a budget, most often called a cash flow, gives you the freedom to choose, it is to control your fixed income and give your variables a meaning to help you grow in the future.”

The students in the audience were vivacious with questions. Students were eager to learn about credit scores, savings, and budgeting.   “This workshop was one of the best because the students stayed focused and participated more than in other workshops, it was amazing,” said Beth, a volunteer for the organization. When the workshop ended, students were asked what they learned. Various students responded that they gained a better understanding of compound interest, the effects of credit card interest growth, paying bills on time, having a weekly budget, and keeping a good credit score. King ended the workshop by sharing the top 10 tips every young person should know about finances.

This workshop was made possible by the collaboration of Breakthrough Miami, Junior League of Miami, and The University of Miami. Many thanks to the collaborators.

Financial literacy is the key to break the fast growing segment of bankruptcy filing. Young adults and most parents want to learn about financial literacy but don’t know how. This workshop is perfect for filling this need. Contact Elaine’s team to setup your workshop now.

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