Leading Latina Finance Expert, Elaine King, Promotes Financial Education for the Latinx Community and Women

Elaine King

Did you know that in many parts of the world, laws at the beginning of the 1900s didn’t allow women to inherit property, vote, or get a loan?

Women have come a long way in terms of legal rights. However, there are still hurdles standing in the way of success for women, and one that Elaine King sees is financial knowledge. As she mentioned in a recent podcast, women know less about retirement than men. Similar barriers are present in the Latinx community. 

Elaine King, a bilingual Certified Financial Planner Professional and expert in family business, is on a mission to change all of this. In an ideal world, women and the Latinx community would have better access to education and resources that would help them become successful financially. Elaine King is contributing to make that world a reality!


Recently, she partnered with Intuit Turbo Tax to provide Latino youth with access to educational content. As part of the program, Intuit and the Hispanic Heritage Foundation gave higher education scholarships to Latino students. Specifically, Elaine King, alongside Miguel Burgos, CFP, led a webinar to educate the youth and parents on family and money matters. From budgeting to understanding credit and financial and tax planning, the webinar prepared Latino youth for success. 


Intuit also featured Elaine King on their blog, where she told the story of two successful women who inspired her growing up. Through telling these stories, King hopes to inspire other women in their journeys to financial success. 


Additionally, the Hispanic financial planner was a guest on the Breaking Money Silence podcast, where she highlighted the need for more financially successful women and Latinx role models. In this podcast, she outlined some of the things you should look for in a money mentor. Some of the key aspects include:

  • Find a mentor who shares your values

  • Your mentor should be at peace with money and not complain about it

  • It should be someone who has their own finances in order

Discover more by listening to the full podcast! 


Do you want to partner with Elaine to bring financial knowledge to women and the Latinx community? Contact her today!

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