Major News Outlets Feature Elaine King’s Expert Advice

Rachel Peachey

Founder of Family and Money Matters Institute, Elaine King, has been featured in several outlets as an expert in personal and family business finances. 

People en Español featured the bestselling author and Certified Financial Planner in several articles. One of the articles helps readers discover some of the best financial apps. Whether you need help sticking to a budget, building your savings, investing, or eliminating debt, this list of apps will help you.

Hoping to learn how to stop financial squabbles with your spouse or partner? In another article published by People en Español, King offered her top tips for couples to achieve financial harmony. Among her top tips include agreeing on clear goals, and assigning financial responsibilities and tasks. 

People en Español also featured the expert in family finances in an article about the seven deadly financial sins. Wondering if you’re committing any of them? Read the article yourself to discover how you can make sure you are angelic in your financial planning and management. 

In addition, King explained some of the most basic and troublesome estate planning mistakes that people make in an article published on Business Insider. She addresses problems such as failing to fund a trust, not updating beneficiaries, not communicating about the estate plan, and forgetting to list a guardian for minor children. To learn more about how to avoid these mistakes, read the article.  

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