My boss is my Secret Santa! Now what do I do?

Elaine King

It's almost Christmas time, everything is decorated, the holidays are right around the corner and the only thing left is the infamous Secret Santa at the office.

You grabbed a piece of paper from the box of names and... OH NO! You chose your boss and you're stuck thinking what you're going to give them.

If this is your case, here are a few great gift ideas:

SOMETHING NOT WORK-RELATED: do you remember those times in which you've have talked about something that isn’t work-related? What activities do they do on weekends or after work? Consider something related to their interests outside of work. Avoid clothing unless it's something related to their favorite sports team. Avoid clichés such as ties, pens or worse, pen holders! What about giving them a DVD with the best concerts of their favorite artists? Look herefor ideas.

STICK TO YOUR BUDGET: Try to stay within your budget for purchasing gifts. This way, you’ll respect the rest of the group, show professionalism and won’t come off as a flatterer. Search online for offers for your gift ideas. It's best if you just stick to your gift budget.

CHOOSE THE GIFT THAT WILL GENERATE THE BIGGEST IMPACT: Rather than giving them something luxurious and expensive (which they probably already have), try to give them something sentimentally valuable. A good idea is to do something on their behalf, this also shows your values. For example, buy a toy for an abandoned child or make a small donation in their name for an organization like UNICEF or feed a child for $10 a month or buy them a blanke there. Still don't know what to choose?Look here.

The most important thing to consider when buying your boss a gift is understanding that, although there are some subtleties that must be taken into account, at the end it's just like giving a gift to any other person, your parents, for example. A gift that is made to please becomes a generic gift for any situation. Don't believe me? Give from the heart!

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