La Familia y el Dinero


Family and Money Made Easy is a guide for families to achieve financial well being. It was written at the request of parents after their children read Family and Money Matters – Life Lessons for the Next Generation. The book main goal is to help you manage your money. It requires work and effort on our part, but the tools offered throughout this book are easily understood. This is not a finance or accounting book. This makes it accessible to every reader who ever wondered what to do with their money or why their wallet is always empty.



King’s book reveals strategies and simple exercises to put into practice the necessary techniques for recognizing the family dynamics and emotions regarding money, identify your financial personality, teach your children the value of money, communicate better with your partner about the family budget, and how to plan so that you and your family can thrive. There are many books about how to handle money, but few will help you understand our own relationship with it. Without understanding such relationship, it is very difficult to change the way in which one saves, spends, invests and protects money. Family and money is written in simple language and easy-to-understand concepts. Recommended reading to adults at different stages of their financial plan.


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