The concept of borrowing is also introduced with the effect of compound interest in a very easy friendly term for 5 to 8 years olds to comprehend. Four strategies are introduced in the story; planning for the future, saving in the event of scarcity, planting to produce more of the same and sharing with the community. Managing money with a purpose will enable children to best understand the value of money and ultimately planning.


In a fun exciting story developed in Ecuador’s world famous “Islas Galapagos” the swallow family will share what is delayed gratification as well as their own stories teaching their baby swallows how to plan, save, plant and share. The parents show their children how to protect from danger and to plan good habits of planning to achieve peace of mind. But not all think the same Chicharrin and Volantina rather play without thinking about the future and don’t know the consequences of their actions, thanks to Saltarin , they will also learn the importance of planning when there is scarcity and will learn the four magic words to keep the family united.





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