Top Latina CFP® , Elaine King, Shares Expertise with Key Media Outlets in the Latino Community

Elaine King

Did you know that 4 in 10 Americans have lost at least part of their income due to the Coronavirus pandemic? 

As a result, the US government has sent out several stimulus payments, the most recent one in March 2021. Receiving a stimulus check can be a great boon for families that have suffered financial losses during the pandemic. But, what is the best way to spend your stimulus check?

This is a question that many Americans have. 

Elaine King, a bilingual financial advisor, has shared her years of experience and knowledge working with families with several media outlets. Through these interviews, she helped spread important knowledge about personal financial planning to the Latin community. 

Specifically, she spoke with el Nuevo Heraldo, the leading Miami newspaper, about how to be smart with your stimulus check funds. Some of the advice she gave was:

  • Lower your fixed costs like rent and utility bills as much as possible.
  • Save automatically before spending. Make it a habit to save!
  • Avoid using credit cards for wants. Instead, use debit cards so that you can only spend money you already have in your bank account.
  • Make clear financial goals and write them down.

King was also featured in Telemundo, the most popular Spanish media company in the country. In this news segment, the financial planner with expertise in families suggested that if possible, families should put aside some of the stimulus money for their children’s education. Other good uses include investments in a small business or in education. However, if you have crippling debt at high-interest rates, putting some of your stimulus money to pay it off is also a good move, she said. 

Do you need some help making smart financial decisions for you and your family or your team? Consider signing up for a course that will teach you sound family finances so that you can succeed and achieve your financial personal and professional goals. 

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