Unlock the Philanthropist in You

Elaine King

The Ancient Greek view of philanthropy was “love of what it is to be human” whose goal was excellence (arête) to the highest achievement of body, mind and spirit.  Philanthropists are characterized for their love of humanity and wanting to make an lasting impact in their community. 

It often starts with a small activity that made a big impact and then it grows one day to a drive that is surges from wanting to save the entire world.  But then, one day you realize the world has 7 billion people you could potentially help, and 1.5 million charities, 86,000 foundations just in the United States that could benefit from your drive.

Where do you start and what is the biggest impact of your philanthropic drive? Do you want to join an organization, create one with a group, direct your own or give anonymously? Do you want to impact with your passion or is it a joint passion with your family? Is is part of a strategy or is it part of your family legacy?  What is your passion?

What will the audience take away from this workshop?

  • Determine and refine mission, focus, priorities and opportunities
  • Help evaluate best entity based on objectives and coordinate with professionals required to set it up
  • How to research and analyze to make wise choices on existing programs and future affiliations
  • How to start developing tailored program to leverage existing resources on education
  • Start an outline to create a governance structure on decision making and gifting
  • Identify how to establish a process to track progress and action plan
  • Evaluate board development and training
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Elaine King - Family and Money Matters™ 2021