What does your horoscope say about your financial skills?

Elaine King

There are some who believe and others who don’t. In general, there always seems to be some doubt as to whether the stars and our date of birth have an effect on us and our personalities.

What do I believe? I'm a true believer that there's no absolute truth and that knowledge, although not always proven, is knowledge, and that the more we know, the better.

That's the reason why I'm going to talk about something slightly different today. Are people different in terms of financial skills due to their zodiac sign? This is what the experts say:

Aries: This is the sign that is most likely to have a big pile of cash, and then spend it freely. They're still very cautious and have clear boundaries of what they can and can't spend.

Taurus: They like luxury, buy their loved ones fancy things and 'sharing wealth' is their motto. At the same time, they're hard workers. Everything they spend is something they've worked hard for.

Gemini: This sign has a great savings capacity. They don’t enjoy buying expensive things like Taurus’ do, but their sin is their love for the game of money. Whether it's working in the stock exchange or going to a casino from time to time, they love that adrenaline. A famous Gemini? Donald Trump.

Cancer: Cancers are excellent administrators, and manage to save a lot of money. They don't like to spend money on expensive things. On the other hand, they spend their money on trips and experiences.

Leo:This sign is the best at saving, but with a purpose. When Leos have expenses in mind, they try to spend as little as possible, and don't even feel minimally guilty when they spend money on what they wanted to spend it on in the first place. A famous Leo? Martha Stewart.

Virgo:Virgos are the best at stretching money. In fact, they can stretch a dollar until it screams. If you're on a tight budget and you need a way to stretch your money and save at the same time, you should ask a Virgo for advice. Tasty meals are the only thing they spend money on.

Libra:They have very balanced finances, they spend little and save little. Like Geminis, they take financial risks in a calculated way.

Scorpio:Money's always on their mind and saving is not their strong point. Even so, their creative minds make them financial wizards in terms of "get rich" schemes.

Sagittarius: They have an unmatched work ethic and have no problem with rolling up their sleeves and working hard for their money. They generally don't get into financial problems because they think their expenses through very well.

Capricorn:They save and spend wisely, “impulsive spending”is not even an option for them. At the same time, they love luxury, and can spend a lot of money on a sofa or on a beautiful painting.

Aquarius:They are entrepreneurs and can save a lot of money. At the same time, they're very generous with those around them. A famous Aquarius? Oprah Winfrey.

Pisces:Although they can save with effort, this sign is renowned for impulsive purchases. Pisces is the sign that would most benefit from a financial advisor. Any Pisces out there?

What do you think? Did you feel identified? Share this with your friends if some familar faces came to mind while reading this article.

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